Students and Educators

Students point to wall map

The Atlas is perfect for classes learning about Lake Champlain, or for student reports and projects. Be sure to check the Resources page for fact sheets and other materials.

To learn more about any of the topics in the Atlas, call or visit the LCBP Resource Room at ECHO! The room features exhibits, hands-on activities, computer stations, a library of Lake and Basin information, educator resources, technical documents, and more. Special for students and educators: free Resource Room passes (does not include admission to ECHO) are available to visit the room for research. To obtain one, call the Resource Room in advance to schedule an appointment at (802) 864-1848 ext. 109.

Educators will also want to check out these resources for learning about the Lake Champlain Basin and water quality in general:

  • WatershED Matters, the website of the Champlain Basin Education Initiative, a consortium of environmental and place-based education organizations in the Basin.
  • This Lake Alive!: An Interdisciplinary Handbook for Teaching and Learning about the Lake Champlain Basin, written by Amy Demarest and published by Shelburne Farms. It received significant financial support from the LCBP. Copies can be purchased through Shelburne Farms (
  • The Watershed Alliance An innovative program in NY and VT that helps students and teachers learn how to monitor local water quality.
  • Vermont Project WET, Water Education for Teachers. An interdisciplinary water education program for kindergarten through twelfth graders designed to facilitate and promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of Vermont’s water resources.


Great Places to Learn

The Lake Champlain Basin offers a variety of fun and engaging opportunities to take learning outside. These sites can focus on a specific subject, or can be jumping-off points for exploring the issues, processes, and perspectives that define and challenge the watershed.

Follow CBEI educators to sites they have visited in the Great Places to Learn story map. Get involved with solving real problems as you grapple with the complexities of local places!


Make Your Own Maps

Web Maps

Interested in making your own web maps? ArcGIS Online is a great way to get started. Free accounts are available for many students and educators. Most maps in the Atlas include links to the original data on the LCBP’s ArcGIS Online page.

Paper Maps

You can also still fill in good old-fashioned paper maps. Visit the Blank Maps page for maps you can color, label, or otherwise get cartographically creative with.


Watershed Mapping Projects

A number of teachers have developed web maps related to learning in Lake Champlain as part of CBEI workshops or independently.