Recreation Sites

Community Sailing Center

Recreation is deeply ingrained in the lifestyles, social fabric, and economy of the Lake Champlain Basin. The region’s many natural and cultural amenities offer a variety of options for visitors and tourists alike to explore and learn. Recreation helps to forge connections to the Basin’s history and landscapes, and increases stewardship by fostering an understanding and appreciation of these resources. Recreation and tourism are also critically important to the economies of many local communities.

From the summits of the Adirondacks and Green Mountains to the bottom of Lake Champlain, on water and on land, the Basin offers boundless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents and tourists alike are drawn to the region’s lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers for recreation and rejuvenation in all seasons. Sailing, motorboating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming are among the more popular pursuits on the water. Ice fishing, kite boarding, and ice sailing bring out the truly dedicated when conditions are less fair.

Land-based recreational activities are also popular. Camping, hiking, hunting, wildlife viewing, skiing, bicycling, and mountain biking are woven into the lives and identities of many people who live in or visit the Basin. The Adirondack Park, Green Mountain National Forest, scores of state and local parks and natural and wildlife areas, and private recreation areas offer an abundance of space for active travelers to roam. Whether exploring by foot, bike, or boat, recreation trails offer further ways to explore the many popular sights and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.