Paddling past a dairy farm on the Chazy River in New York.
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Click here to view enlarged map as 141 KB PDF file. According to 2000 United States and Canadian census data, 541,000 people live in the US portion of the Basin and about 30,000 live in the Quebec portion. Of the US population in the Basin, 72% live in Vermont and 28% live in New York.

The Population 2000 by Towns Map [141 KB] shows the population distribution by towns in the Basin. The population density of the Basin as a whole is 61 people per square mile but New York and Vermontís shoreline towns have population densities two to three times that of the Basin overall.

The Percent Change in Population Map [147 KB] shows population changes by town between 1960 and 2000. Since 1950, the Basin population has increased 61.1%, 25% since 1970 and 6.1% since 1990. The smallest increase for a decade was between 1990-2000, when the population increased by 6.1%. Annually, the Basin population has been increasing an average of 1.2% over the past 40 years.

Click here to view enlarged map as 147 KB PDF file. While the Basinís population has grown steadily over the past 40 years, growth rates vary in different areas of the Basin. The population for the entire Vermont portion of the Basin increased by 10.4% from 1990 to 2000, while that of New York increased by 4.1%. The greatest population growth between 1990-2000 was experienced in the Malletts Bay Watershed/Lake Segment, with a 16.1% change. During the same time, the Broad Lake North Watershed/Lake Segment experienced a 6.1% decline in population.

Population centers in the Basin include:

  • City of Plattsburgh, New York (18,186 in 2000)
  • Town of Queensbury, New York (25,441 in 2000)
  • City of Burlington, Vermont (38,889 in 2000)
  • City of South Burlington, Vermont (15,814 in 2000)
  • Essex Town, Vermont (18,626 in 2000)
  • City of Rutland, Vermont (17,292 in 2000)

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