An aerial view of the Missisquoi River delta (Quebec Ministry of Environment photo).
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Saranac/Chazy Basin

Click here to view enlarged map as 468 KB PDF file. The Saranac/Chazy Basin includes the Saranac Lakes, the Saranac River, the Great Chazy River, North Branch and Graves River, and the shoreline areas from Plattsburgh to Lacolle, Quebec. The Saranac/Chazy Basin Map [468 KB] shows the landforms in this basin.

Location: Quebec/New York

Area Drained: 680,341 acres (275,330 hectares)

Length of Main Stems:
Saranac River: 56 mi (90 km)
Great Chazy River: 43 mi (70 km)

Highest Elevation in Basin: 4,867 ft (1484 m)

Watershed and river groups in this basin include the Franklin County Network of Shore Owners Association and the Saranac River Corridor Commission. For more information about activities near you, visit the watersheds links below.

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Lake Champlain Basin Program, 2004
Design: Nicole L. Ballinger (LCBP) | Maps: Northern Cartographic and LCBP