An aerial view of the Missisquoi River delta (Quebec Ministry of Environment photo).
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Lake Depths

Click here to view enlarged map as 784 KB PDF file. Bathymetry is the measurement of the depth of large bodies of water. As shown on the Lake Depth Map [784 KB PDF], the waters of Lake Champlain reach their greatest depth, over 400 feet, in the area between Charlotte, Vermont and Essex, New York.

However, the average depth of the Lake is only 64 feet and some parts of the Lake are very shallow. Missisquoi Bay, for example, is no more than 15 feet deep.

The Lake Depth map uses colors to indicate depths and shading for steepness of the bottom. The darkest blue color signifies areas with the greatest depth, while areas with the darkest shading indicate steep slopes or drop offs.

Educators and students: Draw your own Lake Champlain map! Visit the Blank Maps section of the Educators pages for an "empty" Lake Champlain map.

Lake Champlain Basin Program, 2004
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