A colony of zebra mussels.
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Zebra Mussel Spread | Zebra Mussel Monitoring

A zebra mussel. Click to see an animation of the zebra mussel spread! Since they were first discovered on Lake Champlain in 1993, zebra mussels have rapidly spread throughout nearly all of Lake Champlain, as shown on the Zebra Mussel Spread animated map. They have also unfortunately spread to nearby lakes including Lake Bomoseen in Vermont and Lake George in New York. Careless boaters were the most likely cause of the spread. Fortunately the infestation on Lake George was contained to a small area, which was cleared of the mussels by divers.

Help Stop the Spread of Nuisance Species
  • INSPECT boat, trailer, and other recreational equipment that have been in contact with water.
  • REMOVE all mud, plants, or animals.
  • DRAIN all bilge water, live wells, bait buckets, and all other water from your boat, engine and equipment.
  • WASH all parts of your boat that have been in contact with water. Do not allow wash water to flow into any water body or storm sewer.
  • DRY boats and trailers in sun for FIVE days before launching into a waterbody.
  • DUMP leftover bait into the garbage.

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