A relief map showing part of the Basin.
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Atlas Version 3.0 (On-line and CD)

The Lake Champlain Basin Atlas Version 3.0 (2004) was updated from the Atlas version 2.0, released in May 2002. The on-line Atlas and CD versions are based on a print version of the Lake Champlain Basin Atlas, which was published in 1999 by Northern Cartographic and the Lake Champlain Basin Program. For more information and acknowledgements on the 2002 and print versions, contact the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

Website and CD ROM Design and Production: Nicole L. Ballinger (Lake Champlain Basin Program)
Maps: Lake Champlain Basin Program, based on original versions by Northern Cartographic for 1999 Atlas.
Editing: Nicole L. Ballinger, Jim Brangan, Colleen Hickey, Laura Hollowell, Bill Howland, Miranda Lescaze, Lisa Windhausen (Lake Champlain Basin Program).

Thank you to the many LCBP partners who provided numerous updates to the data included in this Atlas.

Produced under United States Environmental Protection Agency grant #99123-01.

Lake Champlain Basin Program, 2004
Design: Nicole L. Ballinger (LCBP) | Maps: Northern Cartographic and LCBP